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Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi

Chancellor's message to UC Davis parents


Dear UC Davis Parents:

As you know from previous communications, the last few days have been very trying for the UC Davis family.  As a parent myself, I am deeply saddened by what occurred, and as chancellor, I take full responsibility for the incident and pledge to take the necessary actions to ensure this does not occur again on our campus.  As parents of UC Davis students I wanted to reach out to you and offer an update on our plans for the near future.

My goal going forward is to restore civil discourse to the campus.  To this effect, today I have requested President Yudof and he has agreed to initiate the creation of a task force comprised of faculty, students and staff to conduct a review of the events and provide to me a thorough report and recommendations within 30 days.  I eagerly await the results of the review and intend to act quickly to implement reforms that will safeguard the rights of our students, faculty and staff to engage in nonviolent protest.  The UC Davis police chief and the two police officers involved in the incident have been placed on administrative leave pending this investigation.

In addition, I have already begun to meet with students.  Earlier today I met with students in the Quad and publicly apologized for the incident and told them that I will work hard to re-earn their trust.  I am committed to this and will continue to meet with groups of students, faculty and staff in the coming weeks to listen to their concerns and hear their ideas.

Our campus is committed to providing a safe environment for all to learn freely and practice their civil rights of freedom of speech and expression.  At the same time, our campus has the responsibility to ensure the safety of all others who use the same spaces and rely on the same facilities, tools, environments and processes to practice their freedoms to work and study.  I feel sorry for the harm our students were subjected to and for the negative impact this has had on the university’s reputation.  I vow to work tirelessly to make the campus a more welcoming and safe place for all students. 


Linda P.B. Katehi
Chancellor, UC Davis