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Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi

Chancellor comments on passage of Proposition 30


Dear UC Davis Colleagues:

I am gratified that a majority of California's voters supported Proposition 30. Its passage prevents further financial damage to our campus, assures that our students will not face mid-year tuition increases and offers the potential to help return financial stability to both California as a whole and higher education specifically.

I believe the passage of Proposition 30 also reaffirms the public's recognition of the tremendous role higher education plays in educating our students and boosting our economy. I applaud voters for their decision to reinvest in California's future.

I am particularly proud of the leadership and passion that our UC Davis students provided in registering, educating and mobilizing student and other voters. Our state and nation depend on such civic engagement and their efforts made a difference in this measure passing.

While we celebrate the passage of Prop 30, there is still work ahead as we continue to face financial challenges. As chancellor, I want to assure everyone that our campus will continue to set priorities and make decisions that reaffirm our commitment to our students and to their education and overall success.

Please click here to see the letter signed by President Yudof and the other UC Chancellors.


Linda P.B. Katehi
Chancellor, UC Davis