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Achieving Equitable Outcomes

Achieving Equitable Outcomes

Phase One—completed:

Exploring ideas and generating recommendations

During the 2018–19 academic year, Chancellor May and Provost Hexter tasked two committees to explore ways to enhance student success, especially in the area of differential academic outcomes experienced by low-income, underrepresented, and/or first-generation students, as well as those in other groups.

These committees completed their work during winter quarter of 2019. At the same time, the campus has been making efforts to achieve goals set forth in the Academic Talent Initiative (ATI), also in service of improving equity in student outcomes. As a result, three sets of recommendations were produced to help the university achieve these important aims: the ATI recommendations matrix, the Writing Task Force report, and the Closing the Preparation Gap Working Group report.

Phase Two—continuing:

Selecting top-priority recommendations and planning for their implementation

In April 2019, Provost Hexter established a small “Tiger Team” of faculty and campus leaders, directed by Vice Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Education Carolyn Thomas, to distil the many recommendation into a select set of enhancements to be implemented in the near future. The team was directed to:

  • Determine which recommendations should be prioritized;
  • Discover, for each recommendation, the appropriate implementation path;
  • Seek partnership with the Academic Senate on matters of curriculum;
  • Convene smaller groups of individuals who will work together on implementation, with at least one member of the Tiger Team in each group; 
  • Set and track milestones and deadlines that each implementation pathway group should meet;
  • Coordinate, with relevant units, additional budgetary requests that will be necessary to implement recommendations; and
  • Deliver an ongoing, quarterly progress report to the Chancellor and Provost.

Phase Three—in progress:

Selecting specific programs to implement

The Tiger Team’s formal recommendations to the Chancellor and Provost have resulted in enhanced funding in four areas deemed critical to achieving the designated success goals, including pre- and post-matriculation academic support.

In fall 2019, the team created two calls for proposals in these two areas and widely circulated them among staff and faculty leaders across the university who may be in a position to put to excellent use new funds dedicated to a) supporting students in the summer to be better prepared for academic success during the academic year, and b) supporting students’ learning in their courses. Following a review of the submitted proposals, funds have been distributed across the colleges to further progress toward these goals.