Academic Retirees and Emeriti Remarks

January 29, 2018
I have the privilege of conveying the university’s gratitude to you, our new academic retirees and emeriti, for your exceptional service to UC Davis.

Manetti Shrem Museum Winter Exhibition Opening Gala

January 13, 2018
It is elating to celebrate the Manetti Shrem Museum and its Winter Exhibitions with a group so deeply committed to promoting excellence and involvement in the arts at UC Davis and beyond.

Faculty Hiring and Investment Program (HIP)

Overview of HIP

HIP, launched in 2014, annually awards funding to support additional faculty hiring that either transcends the traditional boundaries between our colleges, schools, and/or departments or extends their range into critical new areas. By providing this funding, the program helps to ensure that the most-promising and creative faculty come to UC Davis, and that all of the university’s academic programs are able to benefit from multidisciplinary work of high value.

American Talent Initiative

UC Davis has joined the American Talent Initiative (ATI), a consortium of public and private colleges and universities with the highest national graduation rates that aims to increase access and promote academic success for lower-income students across the United States. The initiative intends to distill the best practices that top universities like UC Davis employ, and to share these successful approaches through publications and participant meetings to create and disseminate a new, national model for achieving these goals.

Freedom of Expression Initiative

The Freedom of Expression Initiative is focused on developing policies and practices that will best serve all members of our campus community.

Work Group on Testing Services

This work group is charged with developing a vision for testing services for all students who need these services at UC Davis.