2020: Persevering

2020: Persevering

The year started on a high note, with the unveiling of UC Davis’ “Outgrow the Expected” branding campaign that included a launch event for the university community at the ARC.

And then, after so much momentum, the world turned upside down. Chancellor May remained focused on moving UC Davis’ mission forward and focusing on the university community’s wellbeing during some of the most uncertain times in modern history.

He realized how crucial it was to stay connected in these times of social distancing. Chancellor May and LeShelle May launched “Thursday Thoughts” on Instagram to answer questions and share what was happening in his life. He also started a “Checking In With Chancellor May” newsletter to give updates about campus operations during the pandemic.

Chancellor May also responded as social unrest gripped the country following the death of George Floyd, including holding a moment of silence with campus leaders for a virtual audience and writing an op-ed for the San Francisco Chronicle titled, “It Could Have Been Me.”

As the pandemic continued, Chancellor May was instrumental in the development of Healthy Davis Together, a joint program between UC Davis and the city of Davis to fight the spread of COVID-19. The program included the assistance of student “Aggie Ambassadors” who helped distribute personal protective gear, work at testing sites and model healthy behaviors.

In October, Chancellor May celebrated the launch of “Expect Greater: From UC Davis, For the World.” The $2 billion fundraising campaign will support students and initiatives related to such global issues as climate change, health and the pandemic response.