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Aggie Heroes: Ruby Bal and Co Hawes

March 24, 2020

Each quarter, the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences invites students to take a break from the stresses of finals to stop in for coffee, hot chocolate and quick snacks like macaroni and cheese or oatmeal. With no in-person finals this quarter, it wasn’t going to happen, which gave the three staffers who organize the event an idea.

“I asked my team if we could use the budget we typically use and deliver supplies to some resources available on campus,” said Layne DeLorme, student engagement coordinator for Undergraduate Academic Programs.

Why Aggie Square? And why me?

March 10, 2020
Faculty Adviser to the Provost for Academic Planning at Aggie Square John Marx makes his case.

Aggie Heroes: Football Players Shine off the field

March 06, 2020

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On the football field, Kooper Richardson uses all of his 300 pounds and 6-foot-6-inch frame to defend his UC Davis quarterback. On this Saturday after Valentine’s Day, he gently held the hand of a young woman in a sparkling crimson gown as they waited in line to have their portrait taken.